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I would like to take just a brief moment to welcome you to the EASON family web page. This page is here for all to use and hopefully for all to add to. To have a successful web page takes many volunteers. Please be that volunteer and help make this the best best Family page on the internet.

There are many of you that can trace your EASON descendants back to across the waters. Some even to Ireland. EASON's, are now almost every where you can think of, from Ireland to the USA, from England to Australia. It is hoped that you will share what you find on your particular side of the EASON family with all of us here who are all searching for the same thing. A common thread.

The big question may have been who was the first EASON to cross that great ocean dividing the New World from the Old Country. I would like to quote from J.B. Bell.

Records show that a merchant in Accomack County, Virginia by the name of John Neale, brought Edward Eason to America as an apprentice on August 22,1637. There are no records of any descendants from this Edward Eason, never-the-less the record of his arrival in America over three hundred years ago place the Eason family closely connected to the history of this nation. The Eason families were land owners, slave holders, and men of substance according to county records still available in Virginia and South Carolina.
We have been here from the beginning and we need to do our best to recognize who those forefathers were.
Ronald E. Eason

To find out about Isaac Eason, Sr., his children and grandchildren the following Book Page should be interesting. This page will feature information from the book written by J.B. Bell and used with his permission.

The Eason Book.... This is a new page added to display the work of Shirley (Eason) Fairchild. Her new Eason Book , is a fascinating read. She has allowed a portion of it to be placed here for you. You'll love it. I can't wait to read it all when it is finished.
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Families Friends and Fueds
She's at it again. Here is a wonderful essay by Shirley (Eason) Fairchild on the spirit of loving and the importance of families doing what is right rather than needing to be right. It's about sharing! It's about us as individuals. What a great writer.

The Family Bible page houses the information of actual Family Bible's. If you have an Eason Family Bible , please include the information here for others.

Coming soon !

Early Documents from Federal, State and local communities are always helpful. Deeds, Wills, etc. Please add yours to this page.

Obituaries page houses the information of actual Obituary listings. Please include your loved ones information here for others.

Updated July 6, 2016

Cemetery Listing

Cemeteries page is for complete cemetery listings. If you have or are willing to survey a cemetery please let me know.

Headstones page is for images of actual family cemetery markers.

Family Photo Album

Flip through the pages of our family photo album. We hope to be adding to this album quite often.

Some sites to check out, of interest and assistance:

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David F. Eason This is a large file of David's lineage.

Lee Eason This a nice file of Lee's lineage.

Sue (Eason) McLachlin This family file is from Kent, England.

William Eason This a large file of Williams lineage.

- Military Links -

Muster Roll of Co. E.   8th Reg. GA.Vol. Inf. Army of No.VA. C.S.A.
Muster Roll of Co. D.   35th Reg. GA.Vol. Inf. Army of No.VA. C.S.A. (Heard Co., GA.)

- Helpful Links -

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The USGenWeb Project is one of the best resources on the web today. The USGW Census Project is working to get every census on-line and is doing a great job. The USGW Archives is a searchable database. These sites are generally updated daily.

An excellent site for your genealogy research on the internet, drop by Cyndi's
List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet. This site is updated daily.

Mormon Church, Ancestor Search. Brand new, though limited at this time. Search the records of the Mormon church on-line.

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Ohio State PrisonDonna Jean Lewis
Isaac Eason, Sr.Ron Eason

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The accuracy of this work is limited to the works of others passed along from generation to generation. Genealogy is not an 'exact science' per se. Due to human error, lost family records, unmarked graves, verbal histories, phonetic name spellings, falsification of data, the ravages of war, natural disasters, fires, and simple lack of record keeping, one has to rely on common sense and alternative sources to hopefully fill the voids within the family tree.

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