Eason Book
Shirley (Eason) Fairchild

The mighty oak stands silhouetted against the azure hues of an Autumn sky, its many branches trembling in the sudden gust that lifts the fallen leaves below. The swirling leaves of red and gold reflect the sunshine that sustains all life. With feet firmly planted within the earth below, the huge tree has withstood centuries of storms that raged around its branches, by bending gently into winds that destroyed it's neighbors. Still it stands, a proud tribute to the wisdom of resiliency and courage, it's descendants scattered to the winds and sands of time.
From such trees a forest grows, and so it is with family trees. The fallen leaves nourish the growth of yet another generation, and the wisdom gleaned from centuries of weathering the storms of life protects those succeeding generations from the ravages of life's inevitable storms.
This is the story of one family through the centuries, but it embodies the spirit of all those who have stood tall and proud in the face of adversity throughout the span of human history. Most especially, it is the story of those pioneers who survived and conquered a wilderness land with courage, endurance and love. From somewhere in ancient Scotland to the shores of America and perhaps beyond, the seeds of the oak have grown and flourished.
Somewhere in the shadows of history rests a common ancestor of today's EASON clan, for the name in all its variations, is as old as time itself. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, evidence of human settlement in the area later known as Scotland dates from the third millenium BC. Was that common ancestor a Middle Stone Age hunter and fisherman or a New Stone Age farmer? Or perhaps, one of the "beaker folk" who came to east Scotland from northern Europe about 1800 BC during the Scottish Bronze Age? Did this common ancestor endure and survive the Roman invasion in 77 AD? Or was he perhaps a Roman soldier who remained and prospered?
History tells us that about 400 AD, four peoples, the Picts, the Scots, the Britons and the Angles began to merge and eventually formed the Kingdom of Scots. We may never know for certain, but the many Gaelic versions of the name EASON could indicate we descended from the Scots of the Argyll area who had a strong connection to Ireland. It is known that Scotch and Irish Gaelic did not become distinct from one another until the late Middle Ages. We do know, however, that these ancestors survived Viking raids, clan feuds, and the ravages of constant power struggles raging around them, so by the time that first American ancestor stepped onto American soil, the strength and endurance required to survive this land was already deeply inbedded in his heart.
We also may never know for certain what motivated that first EASON to leave his homeland to sail toward an uncertain future in a new world. We do know from existing records that some were ship's masters, some farmers, some skilled craftsmen, some merchants, and some indentured servants. Their reasons may have been as diverse as their occupations and their individual station in life. We can assume some were searching for political and religious freedom, and most certainly each individual was searching for economic gain and a better life for himself and his family.
Ongoing research may one day reveal the answers to many of the questions that must at the moment remain unanswered. We can, however, determine and document the facts as they are revealed and this book is written as a tribute to the memory of those early EASONS who met the challenges of a wilderness land with courage and determination. It is hoped that the many thousands of their descendants living yet today, may feel a renewed sense of pride in the accomplishments of their ancestors, and their unique place in the history of this country.

Chapter 1

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