I - II/1
Husband's Name:_____________Isaac Eason Jr.________________________________________________________
       When Born: ____________1753_________________Where: _________Pitt County, North Carolina___________
       When Died: ____________1831/46_______________Where: _______Edgecombe County, North Carolina_______
       When Buried: ____________ ___________________Where: __________________ _______________________
       When Married: ____________ __________________Where: _________________ ________________________
    Other Wives: _____________ ______________________________________________________________________
       His Father: ______Isaac Eason Sr.________________His Mother's Maiden Name: __________Mary____________

Wife's Name:_____________Martha Skinner____________________________________________________________
       When Born: ____________ _____________________Where: ______________________ __________________
       When Died: ____________ _____________________Where: _________ _______________________________
       When Buried: ____________ ____________________Where: __________________ ______________________
       When Married: ____________ ___________________Where: _________________ _______________________
    Other Husbands: _____________ ___________________________________________________________________
       Her Father: _______Dempsey Skinner______________Her Mother's Maiden Name: ___________ ____________
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1 Dempsey S.                
2 Randolph   "" 
3 Isaac III   "" 
4 Penelope   "" 
5 Theophilus C.   "" 
6     "" 
7     "" 
8     "" 
Isaac Jr. received a gift of 260 acres of land from his father, Isaac, recorded in Deed Book 3, page 242, dated 16 September
1777 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. This deed was witnessed by his brother, Abner Eason. On October 28, 1782 another land deed was recorded for 300 acres from the State of North Carolina in Edgecombe County in Deed Book E, page 212. These two tracts made his land holdings total 562 acres.
On November 16, 1831 Isaac Jr. deeded land to his son Dempsey S. Eason in Edgecombe County. This instrument notes that the deeded land came from Isaac I to Isaac II. The 1790 and 1800 census in Edgecombe County show Isaac with two slaves.
Several years after the death of Isaac Jr. his sons, Dempsey S., Randolph, Isaac, Penelope and Theophilus, sold his lands on 3 February 1848 to Millicent Thomas Eason per Deed Book 25, page 127. On 25 March of the same year the administrators of the estate of Martha Eason sold her portion to the same individual.

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