I - II/2
Husband's Name:______________________Obed Eason I______________________________________________
       When Born: ____________1755________________Where: ___Pitt County, North Carolina_________________
       When Died: ____________29 July 1784___________Where: __Edgecombe County, North Carolina___________
       When Buried: ____________ ___________________Where: __________________ ______________________
       When Married: ____________ __________________Where: _________________ _______________________
    Other Wives: _____________ ____________________________________________________________________
       His Father: ________Isaac Eason Sr.______________His Mother's Maiden Name: _______Mary_____________

Wife's Name:_____________Penelopy Rasberry_______________________________________________________
       When Born: ________26 March 1749_____________Where: __________North Carolina___________________
       When Died: ________16 October 1822____________Where: __Edgecombe County, North Carolina___________
       When Buried: ____________ ____________________Where: __________________ ______________________
       When Married: ____________ ___________________Where: _________________ _______________________
    Other Husbands: ______(2)  James Scarborough      m. 29 November 1793__________________________________
       Her Father: _______ _________________________Her Mother's Maiden Name: ___________ ____________
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1 Isaac                
2 Nathan   "" 
3 Obed II   ""Susan Irby
Frances Lester
4 Elizabeth   ""Richard Lyon
5 Penelopy   ""William Phillips
6     "" 
7     "" 
8     "" 
On May 26, 1772 a land deed transferring 200 acres in Edgecombe County, North Carolina from John Stafford to Obed
Eason is recorded in Deed Book D, page 471. Obed is only 17 at the time. On February 9, 1775 he bought an additional 40 acres from John Stokes Sr. according to Deed Book 3, page 213. In August 1784 and February 1785 he got 100 acres from Jesse Lee and 196 acres from David Stokes per Deed Book 4, pages 178 and 289 respectively. By this time Obed had acquired a total of 536 acres. On March 22, 1799 Obed II, Nathan and Isaac divided the lands of Obed I among themselves.
Edgecombe County records of August 1, 1785 show Obed I estate administrator to be his wife Penelopy Eason who later married Major James Scarborough before the estate was settled.

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