Husband's Name:___________________Josh Bowles Bell, Jr.     (Author)____________________
       When Born: ______25 July 1913_______Where: ______Greenville, Wasington Co., MS______
       When Died: _____18 January 2001_____Where: _______Hernando, DeSoto Co., MS_______
       When Buried: ____________ _________Where: _________ __________________________
       When Married: ____24 June 1939______Where: _Hernando Baptist Church, DeSoto Co., MS_
    Other Wives: ________ _________________________________________________________
       His Father: ____Josh Bowles Bell, Sr.____His Mother's Maiden Name: _Lucy McWillie George_

Wife's Name:_________RaMelle Vaiden Eason________________________________________
       When Born: ____14 December 1914____Where: ____Hernando, DeSoto Co., MS__________
       When Died: _______ _______________Where: __________ _________________________
       When Buried: ____________ _________Where: ________________ ___________________
    Other Husbands: _____________ _________________________________________________
       Her Father: Stephen Andrew Wren Eason_Her Mother's Maiden Name: _Elvira RaMelle Vaiden_
In order of birth
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1Josh Bowles, III12 June 1941Ft. SmithSebastianARDolories Smith
2RaMelle Eason25 Jan 1945MemphisShelbyTNJames M. Greene
3Wren Eason24 Apr 1951"""d. 23 June 6?
4    """ 
J.B. Bell became an Eagle Scout in Granada on his thirteenth birthday. The Chief Scout Executive, James
E. West made a special trip to award him a pearl handle knife on the occasion. In 1932, while still in High
School, he entered and won first place in the Mid-South Olympic trials in the 400 meter run. After completing
High School he attended Ole Miss. where he studied Civil Engineering. He worked as an Insurance Adjuster
for General Motors in Arkansas until WWII when he was transferred by General Motors to the Aircraft Division as
an Engineer in the Memphis, TN. plant. After the war he remained in Hernando where he owned a hardware
store. He served as Mayor of Hernando for 18 years. He was Executive Director of the Memphis Home Builders
Association for 17 until his retirement.
RaMelle attended Ole Miss. in the School of Education. She has been President of the Hernando Women's Club
and a member for many years. She has served as President of the Hernando Garden Club as is a member of DAR.
Both RaMelle and J.B. are Baptist and actively participate in the work of the church.

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