Husband's Name:______________John Eason_______________________________________________________
       When Born: __________30 March 1762_________Where: _________Pitt County, North Carolina___________
       When Died: ____________August 1806_________Where: _______Edgecombe County, North Carolina______
       When Buried: ____________ _________________Where: __________________ ______________________
       When Married: ____________1791_____________Where: _________________ _______________________
    Other Wives: _____________ __________________________________________________________________
       His Father: ___________Isaac Eason____________His Mother's Maiden Name: ___________Mary__________

Wife's Name:_____________Millicent Thomas_______________________________________________________
       When Born: ____________28 April 1772___________Where: ___Lower Edgecombe County, North Carolina___
       When Died: __________15 February 1818__________Where: _____Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama_____
       When Buried: ____________ ____________________Where: __________________ ____________________
       When Married: ____________ ___________________Where: _________________ _____________________
    Other Husbands: _____________(1) James Tart_____________________________________________________
       Her Father: ______Major Theophilus Thomas________Her Mother's Maiden Name: _______Mary Rogers______
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1 Theophilus 5 Mar. 1792           PittNCElizabeth Dupree
2 Terasa Ann 1 Feb. 1793 ""Ivy Beaman
3 Lythia 30 Dec. 1794 ""died as a youth
4 John Thomas "Jack" 20 Nov. 1796 ""Winnefred Carr
5 Millicent Thomas 20 Dec. 1799 ""(1) William Harris
(2) John R.B. Eldridge
6     "" 
7     "" 
8     "" 
John was only 21 years of age when his father, Isaac, died. It is fairly certain that he had been married prior to his marriage
to Millicent because the 1790 census for Pitt County, NC. lists John Easton with himself and four female and 21 slaves.
John Easton is believed to be John Eason because James Legget of Greene County, GA. gave a "power of attorney" to
John Easton of Pitt County, NC. on January 9, 1796 and it was witnessed by Theophs Thomas and Frederick Ward.
On October 1, 1796, John Eason, as agent of said Legget, sold certain lands to Henry Williamson in Pitt County witnessed
by Coburn Eason and Joshua Barnes.
Millicent Thomas had been married to James Tartt prior to her marriage to John Eason and although there were three minor
Tartt children when her husband, James Tartt, died, none of them are believed to be Millicent's children.
Prior to 1790, John Eaosn had acquired an estate of 800 acres, of which the "home" of Isaac Sr. and 330 acres was
inherited from the estate of Isaac I. He also had nine slaves. His wife Millicent was a land owner and slave holder from
her former husband.

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