Husband's Name:____________Major Stephen Eason__________________________________________________
       When Born: ________12 January 1758/9___________Where: ________Pitt County, North Carolina___________
       When Died: _________12 November 1822_________Where: ________Greene County, North Carolina________
       When Buried: ________________________________Where: ________________________________________
       When Married: _______________________________Where: ________________________________________
    Other Wives: _________________________________________________________________________________
       His Father: _____Isaac Eason, Sr._________________His Mother's Maiden Name: ___Mary_________________

Wife's Name:________________Rebecca Dupree_____________________________________________________
       When Born: ______26 April 1766________________Where: ________________________________________
       When Died: ___________prior to 1839____________Where: ________________________________________
       When Buried: ________________________________Where: ________________________________________
       When Married: _______________________________Where: ________________________________________
    Other Husbands: ______________________________________________________________________________
       Her Father: ______Major Sterling Dupree___________Her Mother's Maiden Name: _____Susannah Hinds_______
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1 William 23 Feb 1784  PittNC1. Millicent Thomas
2. Ann Lavinia Rootes
2 Thomas 1787  "Elizabeth Billingsley
3 Ithiel 1790  "Penelope Eason
4 Theophilus 1792  "Elizabeth C. Dupree
5 Clary 20 July 1796  "Joseph Thigpen
6 Frances    "Joshua C. Thigpen
7 Stephen Jr. 12 Dec 1800  "Ritta M. Trice
8 Abner 1801  "Winnefred
Stephen moved to Dobbs County, North Carolina from his birthplace prior to 1790. He settled on Goff Swamp which is
on the present line between Greene and Wilson Counties. He died there in 1822.
The 1800 federal census shows Stephen and his wife with six male and seven female children. The writer has a copy of a letter from Tracy Eason which says that his great-grandfather (Stephen) had eighteen children, nine male and nine female. This letter was dated 27 July 1958. Mrs. Otera Martin of Huntington, Tennessee says that she was told by her mother that her great-great-grandfather (Stephen) had sixteen children, eight male and eight female, and that they were assigned in pairs to look after each other. The Courthouse for Dobbs-Greene County was burned about 1875 and records are not available for additional study. Mrs. T.R. Eason of Texarkana, Texas has an old Eason Family bible that was printed in 1804 and dates as far back as 1758 are recorded herein.

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