Husband's Name:___________________Major William Eason__________________________________________
       When Born: __________23 February 1784___________Where: _________Pitt County, NC.______________
       When Died: _________13 September 1836___________Where: _______Huntsville, Madison County, AL._____
       When Buried: ____________ _____________________Where: _____Pvt. Cem. Sec.14 T.3 R.1 West_______
       When Married: ____(1) 5 Aug 1810 (2) 24 Nov 1820___Where: ___ _________________________________
    Other Wives: ________(1) Millicent Thomas Eason___________________________________________________
       His Father: _________Stephen Eason________________His Mother's Maiden Name: ___Rebecca Dupree____

Wife's Name:_________(2) Ann Lavinia Rootes______________________________________________________
       When Born: _________12 July 1800________________Where: ___________Scott County, KY.____________
       When Died: _______30 August 1835________________Where: _______Huntsville, Madison County, AL.______
       When Buried: ____________ _____________________Where: ____Pvt. Cem. Sec.14 T.3 R.1 West_________
    Other Husbands: _____________ _______________________________________________________________
       Her Father: _______Dr. Phillip J. Rootes_____________Her Mother's Maiden Name: ___Sarah Buford Davis___
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1 Zoey Ann 30 Mar 1811 AnsonNCdied as child 1819
2 Alcuin Dupree 21 July 1812"""Martha Ann Powers
3 William Thomas 1 Jan 1814"""Lucy Ann Harris
4 Isadora 10 Sept 1821HuntsvilleMadisonALdied as infant 1821
5 Williametta 17 Aug 1822" ""Zebulon P. Davis
6 Edmund Wilcox 14 Mar 1824"""Francis Caldwell
7 Henrietta Dupree 12 Jan 1826"""John C. Thompson
8 William Pitt 28 Jan 1828"""Mary Eliz. Harris
9 Ann Lavinia 29 May 1830"""Powhatton Robinson
10 Susan Dupree 2 July 1832"""infant death
11 Martha Simms 4 June 1834"""Wm. D. Lackland
See NC History and Genealogical Reg. V.II, #4 page 637 for EASON - ROOTES data.
Maj. William married the widow of his uncle John Eason when 26 years of age. She, Millicent, was quite wealthy and a
land owner of considerable means. They moved to Anson County, NC. shortly after their marriage. Other Eason uncles
and cousins had preceeded them into Anson County. The family moved to Huntsville, AL. around 1819/20 where they
lived out their lives.

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