Husband's Name:________________William Thomas Eason____________________________________________
       When Born: __________1 January 1814______________Where: _________Anson County, NC_____________
       When Died: _________14 January 1857______________Where: _____Wall HIll, Desoto County, MS________
       When Buried: ____________ ______________________Where: _________ ___________________________
       When Married: _______26 July 1838________________Where: ____Huntsville, Madison County, AL________
    Other Wives: ________ _______________________________________________________________________
       His Father: _________Major William Eason___________His Mother's Maiden Name: ___Millicent Thomas____

Wife's Name:_________Lucy Ann Harris___________________________________________________________
       When Born: _________28 January 1820______________Where: _____Huntsville, Madison County, AL_______
       When Died: _______26 November 1879______________Where: ______Wall Hill, Tate County, MS__________
       When Buried: ____________ ______________________Where: __________________ __________________
    Other Husbands: _____________ ________________________________________________________________
       Her Father: _______Henry Macon Harris______________Her Mother's Maiden Name: __Judith Weaver Watson_
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1 William Henry 21 Feb. 1840 DesotoMS1.Molly Richmond
2.Molly Moring
2 Elizabeth Weaver W. 20 July 1841"""died as a child, 185?
3 John Thomas 12 Jan. 1843"""Elizabeth Howze
4 Lucy Elizabeth Weaver Sept 184?"""died as infant
5    """ 
6    """ 
7    """ 
8    """ 
William Thomas is listed in the 1850 census of Desoto county. Stephen Thomas Eason, age 21, was living with the family as
was a sister Martha Simms Eason who later was married to Wm. Lackland. William Thomas died of pnuemonia when only
43 years of age.
The Huntsville, Alabama newspaper carried the following account of the death of Lucy Ann Harris. "The announcement
of the death of Mrs. Lucy Ann Eason of DeSoto County, MS. will recall to the minds of many old citizens and friends in this
vacinity, the bright gentle and sweet Lucy Ann Harris of many years back. Excellent in her scholastic attainments and
winning the kind esteem of all by her suave, gentle manner and shrinking modesty. She was a favorite with her acquant-
ances. Marrying Mr. Thomas Eason of this county, they, with their parents and family, moved in the year 1840 to DeSoto
County, Mississippi, where they have since resided. She ever manifested in her daily life the virtues of the chaste wife,
the anxious mother, the true woman, and pious Christian. She was deprived for many years past of the aid, counsel, and
influence of her devoted husband. Upon her devolved the cares of her two sons, now grown to manhood."

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