Husband's Name:___________________Marcus Ray Stevens___________________________________________
       When Born: ___________6 September 1892___________Where: _______Watson, Marshall County, MS.______
       When Died: _________19 January 1975______________Where: _______Watson, Marshall County, MS.______
       When Buried: ____________ ______________________Where: Emory Methodist Cemetery, Marshall Co., MS.
       When Married: _______23 December 1916____________Where: _________ ___________________________
    Other Wives: ________ ________________________________________________________________________
       His Father: _________Benjamin Franklin Stevens________His Mother's Maiden Name: _____Annie Hawk______

Wife's Name:_________Bessie Richmond Eason______________________________________________________
       When Born: _________9 September 1892_____________Where: _____Bayhalia, Marshall County, MS._______
       When Died: _______17 May 1980___________________Where: _____Watson, Marshall County, MS.________
       When Buried: ____________17 May 1980____________Where: Emory Methodist Cemetery, Marshall Co., MS.
    Other Husbands: _____________ ________________________________________________________________
       Her Father: _______Thomas Richmond Eason__________Her Mother's Maiden Name: __Effie Glover Sharp____
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1 Marcus Ray, Jr. 29 Sep. 1917BayhaliaMarshallMSMary Elizabeth Dixon
2 Annie Mae 6 Dec. 1920"""Robert Cady
3 Mary Glover 14 Sep. 1928"""Robert Effinger, Jr.
4    """ 
Marcus was a farmer all his life. He raised some cattle on his farm, but generally raised row crops. He once operated a
General Store in Watson and he drove a school bus for a short time. He never became involved in politics. He was a life
long member of the Methodist Church and served as an Elder. When the marriage notice appeared in the Holly Springs
paper it said that he was a prosperous young merchant from Watson, MS..
Bessie lived at Wall Hill in Marshall County, MS. and taught school there prior to her marriage. She had attended the female
institute in Holly Springs. The land that they inherited from the parents of Marcus have been in their family since it was
purchased from the Indians when the Mississippi Territory was opened up.

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