Husband's Name:___________________Dr. John Sidney Eason, MD_____________________________________
       When Born: _______________19 April 1884_________Where: _________Tate County, Mississippi_________
       When Died: _________3 March 1941_______________Where: _____Verona, Lee County, Mississippi_______
       When Buried: ___________4 March 1941____________Where: ____Coldwater, Tate County, Mississippi_____
       When Married: _______August 1909________________Where: _________Courtland, Mississippi___________
    Other Wives: ________(2) Lora Goolsby, m. 27 June 1920, Coldwater, Tate County, MS._____________________
       His Father: _________William Henry Eason___________His Mother's Maiden Name: ____Mollie J. Moring____

Wife's Name:_________Willie Glynn Evans_________________________________________________________
       When Born: _________21 July 1891________________Where: __________Shannon Mississippi___________
       When Died: _______8 February 1919_______________Where: _____Memphis, Chelby County, Mississippi___
       When Buried: _________10 February 1919___________Where: _____Coldwater, Tate County, Mississippi____
    Other Husbands: _____________ ________________________________________________________________
       Her Father: _______Rev. Robert M. Evans____________Her Mother's Maiden Name: __Kitty Dear___________
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1Mary Eugenia19 Oct. 1910ColdwaterTateMSunm.
2John Sidney, Jr.3 June 1913"""killed-auto acc.
3Lee Dillard Goolsby
18 Nov. 1915Jasper ALMary Ackiss
4    """ 
Sidney entered Memphis Hospital Medical College in 1904 and was awarded his M.D. Degree in 1908. He started his
practice in Savage, MS.. He and Willie were married in 1909 and moved to Coldwater in 1910 where he lived and loved
the life of a country doctor for over a quarter century. He never refused to answer a call, whatever the hour or the weather.
He accepted anything from rabbits to watermelons if that was all the patient had to pay. His transportation was a horse-
drawn buggy until he purchased one of the first automobiles in town - a Saxton Roadster! He was a born doctor and was
recognized by eminent Memphis surgeons as one of the best diagnosticians in the south. He taught a boys Sunday School
Class for many years, and he organized the first Boy Scout Troups in MS.. He was a loving, gentle, patient, fun-loving father
and husband. His heart was broken twice - when his beloved Willie died following child-birth, and when his beloved son
and namesake was killed in an automobile accident. After his second marriage to Lora, he loved his step-son, Lee, as his
own. His was an untimely death at 57 from coronary thrombosis.
Sidney's mother was the family matriarch. After her husbands death, she was the catalyst for family gatherings in her home.
She acceptedthe role of surrogate mother to Eugenia and John Sidney after Willie died and she guided them with a firm hand
and a loving heart. She did not relinquish her role when Sidney remarried. Indeed she added 5 year old Lee to her flock.
She was loved and revered by all who knew her.
Eugenia, a talented musician, attended Grenada College, DeShazo School of Music in Memphis and the University of Utah.
She taught music in Mississippi Public Schools for 15 years. Since 1946 she has maintained a private studio in Memphis and
held church organist/choir director jobs until her retirement in 1975. Her dominent characteristic - joy of living!
Her philosophy - "live each day as if it will be my last and plan for tomorrow as if I will live forever."

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