Husband's Name:___________________Dan Harvey Wylie_____________________________________________
       When Born: _______________ ____________________Where: _________Tupelo, Lee County, MS_________
       When Died: _________ __________________________Where: _________ ___________________________
       When Buried: ____________ ______________________Where: _________ ___________________________
       When Married: _______24 May 1943________________Where: _________McAllen, Texas________________
    Other Wives: ________ ________________________________________________________________________
       His Father: _________A. L. Wylie___________________His Mother's Maiden Name: _____ _______________

Wife's Name:_________Joye Eason (adopted)_______________________________________________________
       When Born: _________2 April 1923_________________Where: __________Lula, MS____________________
       When Died: _______ ____________________________Where: __________ __________________________
       When Buried: ____________ ______________________Where: __________________ __________________
    Other Husbands: _____________ ________________________________________________________________
       Her Father: _______William Henry Eason_____________Her Mother's Maiden Name: __Willie Joyner Greer____
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1 Susan Greer 24 Oct. 1950TupeloLeeMSJeffery L. Wilson
2 Jan Cordelia 18 Dec. 1951"""Charles F. Kirlew
3    """ 
4    """ 
Dan's parents were both killed in the tornado which struck Tupelo in 1937. He and Joye were High School sweethearts.
Then World War II erupted and Dan enlisted in the US Army. For three years he was a prisoner of war in Germany. There
was no word from him during two of the three years. Joye was enrolled at the University of Mississippi at Oxford during this
period and she never gave up hope. She was convinced that he was alive and would return home. Shortly after being
notified that Dan was a prisoner, he was released and returned to the States where he and Joye became married in McAllen,
Texas. They returned to Tupelo and established their home. After being married for 30 years, they were divorced. Joye
returned to the University of Mississippi where she earned her Doctorate in Education. Currently she is a teacher of Special
Education in the New Orleans City School system.
Jeffery and Susan live in Buffalo, New York and they are the proud parents of 5 year old Amanda Shea.
Charles Frederick and Jan live in Metuchen, New Jersey with her son Benjamin from an earlier marriage.

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