Husband's Name:___________________Leslie P. Hall________________________________________________
       When Born: _______________9 February 1896________Where: _______Arkabutla, Tate County, MS._______
       When Died: _________22 June 1932________________Where: _______Lula, Coahoma County, MS._______
       When Buried: ____________23 June 1932____________Where: _______Coldwater, Tate County, MS._______
       When Married: _______25 November 1915___________Where: _________Tate County, MS______________
    Other Wives: ________ _______________________________________________________________________
       His Father: _________Tobe B. Hall__________________His Mother's Name: __Lillie Ann Henrietta Stephenson_

Wife's Name:_________Emma Rebecca Eason_______________________________________________________
       When Born: _________5 March 1893________________Where: __________Tate County, MS._____________
       When Died: _______30 August 1965_________________Where: ___Greenwood, Lafayette County, MS.______
       When Buried: ____________31 August 1965___________Where: ______Coldwater, Tate County, MS.________
    Other Husbands: _____________ ________________________________________________________________
       Her Father: _______William Henry Eason______________Her Mother's Maiden Name: __Mollie Moring_______
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1 Mary Eason 31 Mar. 1923LulaCoahomaMSCharles Woodrow Jones
2    """ 
3    """ 
4    """ 
Emma was teaching school in Arkabutla, MS. and one of her students was Les Hall, who fell in love with his teacher. She
felt that he was too young to be taken seriously, but after he graduated he pressed his suit in earnest and Emma eventually
succumbed to his charms. She was just three years older than Les but she spent the rest of her life juggling birthdates. Many
years later when she applied for social security, she had a hard time proving that she was ever born.
Less than a year after they were married, they moved from the red hills of Arkabutla to Lula in the heart of the delta lands.
Les established a coal and feed business in Lula. The light of their life was their daughter, Mary.
Emma was mortally afraid of thunder-storms and she kept a feather bed on one bed in their home year round. If a storm
came up, day or night, everybody in the house had to get on the feather bed. Since all of the family liked to visit each other,
sometimes the feather bed got real crowded.
Les contracted tuberculosis early in life and was forced to spend a year in the Sanatorium at McGee. Emma managed to
keep his business going during his illness until death came in 1932 at the early age of 36.
Trouble followed trouble, their home burned in Lula, and Emma could not continue the business on a profitable basis. Emma
and Mary moved to Memphis and rented a home where she took in boarders. Her boarders were mostly fine, wholesome
young men from neighboring small towns, away from home and on their own for the first time. One of her boarders became
her son-in-law. She occassionally had a character like Kelly, who sent her flowers on Mother's Day and charged them to
her account. She was a surrogate mother to them all, and it was their good fortune to have landed in her home, even though
they laughed and called it "Hall's Mad-house". Emma was a great girl.

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