Husband's Name:___________________William Clay Callicott IV________________________________________
       When Born: ____________1 December 1922__________Where: _______Memphis, Shelby County, TN.______
       When Died: _________ __________________________Where: _________ ___________________________
       When Buried: ____________ ______________________Where: _________ ___________________________
       When Married: _______31 March 1947______________Where: ____________Memphis, TN.______________
    Other Wives: ________ ________________________________________________________________________
       His Father: _________Wm. Clay Callicott_____________His Mother's Maiden Name: _____Bettile L. Eason____

Wife's Name:_________Mary Catherine Ford________________________________________________________
       When Born: _________2 January 1927_______________Where: _______Memphis, Shelby County, TN.______
       When Died: _______ ____________________________Where: __________ __________________________
       When Buried: ____________ ______________________Where: __________________ __________________
    Other Husbands: _____________ ________________________________________________________________
       Her Father: _______Maurice Peyton Ford_____________Her Mother's Maiden Name: __Annie Lauri Arquitt____
In order of birth
When Born
Where Born                   State or
Town or Twp    County     Country
1William Clay V14 Aug. 1958MemphisShelbyTN. 
2Barbara Ann16 Feb. 1953"""David Reganhardt
3Kathleen Elaine11 Nov. 1950"""Don McAfee
4    """ 
Billy grew up in Memphis, was a high school football star at Southside, making the City All-Star Team. He served in the
US Army Air Force during WWII, flying the "Hump" in the China-Burma area. At the war's end, he returned to Memphis
and married his High School sweetheart, Mary Catherine. They own and operate the Callicott Realty Company in the
Whitehaven area. They, with all their children and grand-children are active and enthusiastic members of Central Church.
There never was a family who enjoyed being together more and doing things together, all three generations. Never a dull
Mary Catherine is a fine musician, performing equally well on the piano, organ and accordian. She was for many years a
church organist, starting out as assistant to the regular organist in her church while still a teenager. Upon retirement of the
organist, she inherited her position as organist/choir director.
Billy can do anything with his hands, from producing a cheese souffle that is picture perfect to building a tree-house with
stair-steps in the back yard for their son, Bill, to practice his drums. Son, Bill is a student at Memphis State University and
he has given up his drums for Graphic Art in which he shows great promise.

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