In June of 1939 RaMelle Eason and I were married in a small rural church in the little town of Hernando, Mississippi. Many members of our families attended to the point that the church was overflowing with the guests. I recall at the time that I thought that there were a lot of Easons and that I would never get them all straight in my mind. Over the years since that time, I have become more convinced that my first observation was is very difficult to keep all of the Eason ceonnections straight.

    The Eason name is not a common run of the mill family name. As a matter of fact, it is unusual and there are not too many Eason families in this country when compared with other family names. I have been a long time learning, but after forty years, I have learned that the Easons themselves can't keep their family connections straight, thus the need for this genealogy of this line of Easons.

    During 1982 Annie Pearl (Lauderdale) Eason died in Memphis, TN. and many Easons attended her funeral. Here I was reintroduced as the husband of "Little Mel" Eason. Later that same year, Irl Eason, her husband, passed away and the family came together again. And agin I was reintroduced. In the early part of the next year the family came together for the third time within a year for the reading of the will and the sale of the personal effects of Annie Pearl and Irl Eason. By this time everyone could call each other by their first name.....almost.

    It seemed a good idea to continue our new found relationships and it was suggested that we hold an Eason Family reunion that summer and we did. As a matter of fact, we enjoyed it so much that we decided to come together again a year later, and we did. We also decided to trace the Eason family genealogy, and we did and this is our combined effort.

    Almost everyone knew that the father, William Renn Eason (b.1855) was the son of Stephen Thomas Eason who came to DeSoto County from North Carolina. In addition, Stephen Thomas Eason had a cousin in Fayetteville, Arkansas that was named Alcuin Eason.

    I shall not bore the reader with the details of my search. Suffice it to say that many Eason families were traced out and many generation charts were drawn before I located Abner Eason, the father of Stephen T. Eason.

    Having located so many descendants of Isaac Eason, Sr. (b.1731), it seemed logical to include each of his male lines in this work. In so doing, I generally dropped the line once the family name changed unless requested to continue the line by some individual who was supplying me with the family information in the first place.

    Once I located the fourth son of Isaac, Sr. and found that our line came thru this son, named Stephen, I traced every male descendant as far as I could locate him.

    It was never my idea to carry this project to the extent that it has grown, but these families listed herein are all related to a common ancestor, namely, Isaac Eason, Sr. thus they are all cousins in the true sense of the word.

    There are bound to be those who will feel that enough effort has not been expended in locating the female lines of the family. Let me assure you that I am aware of this failing. The task just became too big and too time consuming for me to undertake. I must leave this to those who follow and are so inclined.

    One of the personal effects of Annie Pearl and Irl Eason was a metal "Coat of Arms" with the EASON name emblazened upon it. When I started this research, I made up a family group sheet which contained this "Coat of Arms" reproduced upon it. I have not made any effort to look into the authenticity of this item.

    Another item that I wish to call to the attention of the reader is the fact that I confined my research to this country. While I have my own idea concerning the origin or the Eason Family overseas, I leave this question for the future researchers also.

    This is the work of an amateur interested in family genealogy. The information contained herein has come to me from old family Bibles, cemetery inscriptions, courthouse records of deeds, taxes, registrations, etc., census data, old letters, probate court wills and estate settlements, county histories, old newspapers and personal interviews and responses to my inquries.

    I have been unable to confirm the birthdates of Obed and Shadrach Eason as sons of Isaac Eason, Sr.. This difference is noted on their sheets.

    It is my opinion that the Easons maintained an educational standard above the average of the times. Mt reason being that it is a rarity for the males to sign with an "X". They always sign in bold letters easily recognized because they traded and sold land throughout North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi and to be able to read and to write and to understand legal documents of the times required such knowledge and ability. Most Easons wrote a will before they died to ensure orderly transfer of their accumulation to those they left behind. They were slave holders because their labor was needed to clear the new land that they had acquired. They were good neighbors and they often demonstrated their love for them by naming their children ofter them. Most Easons were either Baptist or Methodist and they took an active part in their church. They were hardly ever involved in litigation and seldom owed any debts when they died. Their sense of fairness can best be understood by the following notation found in the Gates County, North Carolina records:
"Having on the _____ of February, 1791 had a dispute with one, Patrick Kelly, and unfortunately given him a stroke and a fall, and he having shortly after expired, - I hereby give notice to all persons whom it may concern, that on the third day of the term of the next Superior Court to be held for the district of Edenton, which will happen on the 9th. day of April next, I will surrender myself up to the mercy of the said court, and abide by their judgment, and the laws of the land.
signed.....Abraham Eason
    I am deeply indebted to Mrs. Thomas Eason of Texarkana, TX., to Mrs. Kenneth Martin of Huntington, TN., to Mr. James Blanks of Tullahoma, TN., to Mr. William A. Jones of Alexander City, AL., to Mr. William Murphy of Raleigh, NC. and to Mrs. Phil Watson of Knoxville, TN.. In addition to the above, to Ms. Freda Eason of Memphis, TN., to Mrs. Peggy Vandenburg of Olive Branch, MS., to Ms. Eugenia Eason of Memphis, TN. and to Dr. J.L. Eason of Memphis, TN. for their information and assistance.

    I have tried to record this information as accuratley and correctly as I know how to insure its value to the reader. Unfortunately my typing and spelling are just something the reader will have to endure. It is the best I can do.

    There are no malicious errors in this book.....this is a labor of love which I hope will increase the awareness of future generations so they can gain a greater appreciation of their predecessors.
J. B. BellHernando, MississippiMay, 1984

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